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Numbers & Confusion


air warning: I have never been particularly good at math, accounting, or anything related to numbers, really. This only changed when I realized the practical applicability in combination with tools such as Excel (ages ago) or more lately Power BI.

When I discovered for myself that there is untapped value in the vast amount of numbers – or data in general – created even by small businesses, I got hooked. From then on I have been trying to make this data valuable. To extricate insights and use those as a basis for understanding what is going on and for making better informed decisions.

Nowadays, I consider numbers to be my friends. Or rather the clear and insightful visualizations I can create based on these numbers.

From Data to Wisdom


ata visualizations always fascinated me. I admire the way that a good visualization can make things clear and convey a complex message in a simple way. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a good data visualization must be worth a whole bunch of books.

Getting into this field helped me to better understand Business Intelligence, and especially to differentiate between data, information, knowledge, and wisdom (DIKW).

Visualization & Understanding


owadays I am using a large part of my time to focus on helping companies to benefit from the vast amounts of data they are already collecting. I do so by

  • identifying what they don’t know,
  • helping them decide, what they want or need to know,
  • building a data model, and
  • creating relevant and insightful reports and dashboards

While the principles don’t change, I do so primarily by using Power BI from Microsoft.

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