Bali - Shopping Cart

I briefly mentioned the traffic situation in Bali in another post. Apart from 'normal' traffic, there are some particularities to be found, as you can see below.


Bali - Rice Plantation

To nobodys big surprise, Balis agriculture consists to a considerable degree of rice fields. We visited one of these plantations and as beautiful, peaceful and enticing they appear. Planting and harvesting rice is back-breaking work.


Bali - Kehen Temple

One more temple - the last one, I promise.This is one of the more traditional temples and gives you very good idea of how they are constructed: in harmony with nature. Instead of flattening landscapes and chopping down forests for building monumental buildings, these temples are very much integrated into the surrounding nature. In some cases - like this one - you will find yourself in actual jungle if you venture to walk some twenty meters from the actual temple.

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