Blackbird Dresses Up for 2013

Against all expectations spring has arrived in Brasov and if it is any indication for the summer to follow, we are in for a hot one. High time to get the Bird out of the gloomy garage and get her ready for the season. Including some minor changes in her appearance, as you can see below.


CBR 1100XX - Riding Out

This is a quick one. Just a few pics showing yours truly getting ready to ride. I want it to be noted that we had about 40 degrees Celsius - in the shadow - that day. However, I put on all the protective gear. Because there is only one way you can ride the Bird: with respect ... lots of respect.


CBR 1100XX - Paint Job

By now you know that the CBR 1100XX is also called 'Super Blackbird'. Cool name. But ... mine looked more like a 'Super Canary'. The blue/yellow paintjob was nice and kind of flashy. But not exactly my style. So I decided to get her a new outfit. See below how that worked out.

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