It is not so much our friends' help that helps us, as the confidence of their help.

Laurentiu GosuLaurentiu Gosu

IT Systems & Network Administrator (2014)

I have been working with Sascha over a period of few years as part of Deuromedia's Operations team; for a while he was also my direct supervisor and thus I got to know him very well. Among many others, I think his greatest quality is the ability to see all the time the big picture: in a small private conversation on a technical matter, in an internal call with people from various teams, in a conference with important clients or as COO and Managing Director of an entire company branch. That allows Sascha to distinguish the important things from the surrounding noise and to take the best and most efficient approach on solving problems. Personally I had a lot to learn from him and I believe that getting in touch with people of such quality can only boost anybody's carrier.

Nick PriceNick Price

CEO, NetSys Technology Ltd. (2013)

Always a pleasure working on projects with Sascha. Never troubled by difficult problems or situations, Sascha focusses on the goal and gets the job done. Highly recommended.

David TahanDavid Tahan

CEO, KoolConnect Technologies (2013)

Sascha is an exemplary professional in all respects. He is extremely competent in all aspects of business operations and has great command of business practices with outstanding leadership skills. Sascha enjoys my highest endorsement and recommendation. All companies should have a Sascha Kasper on their payroll!!

Ulrich BeutenmuellerUlrich Beutenmueller

Managing Director, 3 Screen Solutions (2013)

Sascha is a very structured and clear-minded person. He knows how to run a business and it has always been a pleasure working with him. I strongly recommend him also for his knowledge in IPTV, VoD and hospitality services.

Sebastian BucurSebastian Bucur

Managing Partner, Bucur & Grigorescu (2013)

I have known Sascha Kasper for the past years while he has worked as Managing Director at Deuromedia SRL, our client for financial services. I have been consistently impressed by both Sascha's attitude towards his work and his performance on the job. His interpersonal and communication skils have allowed him to develop productive working relationships with both his team and our staff. I recommend him without any doubt!

Anneliese RiederAnneliese Rieder

Global Partner Program Manager, Swisscom Hospitality Services (2013)

Sascha combines absolutely perfect Leadings Skills with excellent motivation skills. It is a pleasure to work with him!

Markus LetuhaMarkus Letuha

Marketing & Content Business Development, Deuromedia Technologies (2013)

I have been working with Sascha on and off over the past 13 years and he is for sure one of the smartest persons I have ever had the pleasure to work with. No matter what the topic - from strategic planning to operational excellence or the addressing of a mission impossible - Sascha is the person that you want to exchange thoughts with and preferably have in the team to make it happen.

Cristian RoscaCristian Rosca

Manager, easyLink srl (2013)

I had the pleasure to work with Sascha during the complex IT infrastructure project developed for his company. From the first meeting I’ve noticed his ability for pertinent analysis and decision making.

Sascha is a professional manager, with good communication skills in relationship with peers and subordinates developing a true team spirit. He has the skill to make also the working partners as being part of the same team.

I also noticed his very good IT knowledge which allows him to easily understand the proposed solutions and supervise their implementation. His open mind, desire to continue development and to implement the latest computer technology is a big plus for the company he leads.

Honorius GalmeanuHonorius Galmeanu

Senior Software Engineer (2013)

I have worked with Sascha for several years and appreciated his aptitudes as a managing director of Deuromedia Brasov - good negotiator, reliable, proactive, trustworthy and very positive attitude even in most stressful situations. He provided the motivation to us on those critical moments just before project succeeds. These qualities recommend Sascha, as I was pleased working with him.

curasCarlo Uras

International Sales Manager, adNotam (2013)

I had the opportunity to work with Sascha on a variety of projects, from project management/coordination to financial/commercial matters and each time he has liaised with the different requests with understanding and a positive approach. Sascha is very professionnal, creative and customers oriented, his personal skills are a great value added for a successful partnership.

aalamiAbdelali Alami

Business Account Manager, Deuromedia (2013)

I have known Sascha since 2009 and it has always been a great pleasure and a privilege to work with him. Paired with his technical knowledge he has the ability to build a high vision for delivering added-value services to customers. He has excellent communication skills and is one of the best presenters I know. Sascha is One of the best professionals inside Deuromedia.

contact pic fly01Dumitru Filip

Senior QA Engineer, iQuest Group (2013)

What I always appreciated in his work, was the good communication skills and the professional way of dealing with persons and situations. He combine all this with vast technical knowledge, being a perfect fit for the position he has right now.

contact pic fly01Amos Wong

IT Project Manager, MOHG (2013)

Sascha has delivered good values on various projects for me. He well managed his resources and delivered the service as expected.

Albert MaesAlbert Maes

IT&T Project Director EMEA, MOHG (2012)

Sascha's dedication and the passion for his products is second to none. Constantly striving to deliver solutions in excess of expectations he ensures customer satisfaction in all levels. Even when things go wrong he manages to pick up the pieces and deliver the promised solution. Calm under pressure and precise like clockwork I would recommend Sascha to anybody, customer or employer alike.

Minoo ShroffMinoo Shroff

COO, Deuromedia Technologies (2008)

Sascha possesses the tools, knowledge and skills you expect of an excellent Senior Project Manager. He grasps situations quickly and finds ways to achieve goals in time, quality and budget. He is structured, well organized, focused and does what it takes to get the job done. His communication skills coupled with a pragmatic approach increase his efficiency. I have enjoyed working with Sascha and wish him every success for the future.

Alex SerebrjakovAlex Serebrjakov

Channel Marketing – Country E-Comm Program Manager, (2008)

I know Sascha as a highly professional, very well self organized and process oriented manager, focused on achieving business goals and objectives in most efficient way. His ability to listen and understand customer needs, thorough judgement, his talent for finding suitable solutions were of great help in most of projects, where we were participating together. It was the real pleasure to work with Sascha.

Darek KiliszekDarek Kiliszek

Managing Director, datapolis.com, Poland (2007)

From the very first moment of our cooperation we recognized Sascha as a project manager committed to and oriented on achieving given goals and targets. His understanding of importance of good timing, flexibility and communication is his even greater asset than his technical knowledge of project subject.

Peter LieberPeter Lieber

CTO, XEN Information Systems (2004)

Sascha is a very exact and correct project oriented person. His profession is exactly what a job description of "principal project manager" describes. His focus is sometimes very technology oriented but he reaches always his targets: on time, on budget, on quality.”

Noel KellyNoel Kelly

CEO, ETP Ltd. Ireland (2004)

Sascha Kasper is a strong project oriented professional. He is precise and can maintain relationships at all levels of management. His knowledge is extensive and always open to the exploration of new ideas when appropriate. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Peter JakschProf. MMag. Peter Jaksch

Business Academy Donaustadt (2008)

Ich kenne Herrn Sascha Kasper schon seit langen Jahren, da er ein erfolgreicher Absolvent unserer Schule ist. Er wird von mir sehr gerne zu Vorträgen vor unseren Schülern zu den Themen Projektmanagement, Human Resources und Networking eingeladen. Durch seine natürliche und offene Art ist er jedes Mal sofort in der Lage, Kontakt zu unseren jungen Menschen zu finden. Seine Vorträge sind gut vorbreitet und klar strukturiert. Herr Kasper kann sein umfangreiches praktisches und theoretisches Wissen interessant und kurzweilig vermitteln. Er beschränkt sich dabei auf das Wesentliche, sodass nie Längen in seinen Ausführungen auftreten. Er ist durch sein natürliches pädagogisches Talent ohne Anstrengung in der Lage, auf unsere jungen Menschen zuzugehen und sie für die von ihm vorgetragenen Themen zu interessieren, was zu spontanen Diskussionen mit der Zuhörerschar führt. Ich hoffe, dass Herr Kasper trotz seiner vielfältigen Aufgaben auch in Zukunft die eine oder andere Stunde Zeit findet, um unserer Jugend die spannenden Aspekte der praktischen Arbeit in der Wirtschaft weiter näher bringen zu können.

Stefan EgermannStefan Egermann

Projektmanager, Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H. (2007)

Herr Kasper wurde von der Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft.m.b.H beauftragt das Potential des Einsatzes von MS-Project-Server 2007 zu evaluieren. In einzelnen Workshops konnte Herr Kasper sein Beratergeschick und seine große Fachkompetenz unter Beweis stellen. Selbst Detailfragen zu spezifischen Themen konnten beantwortet werden. Vor allem dieser Punkt war für das gesamte Unternehmen sehr hilfreich. Wir sind Herrn Kasper sehr dankbar, uns durch die ersten Schritte eines komplexen Einführungsprozesses begleitet zu haben!

Christian MacheDr. Christian Mache

Geschäftsführer, metadata. it-solutions gmbh (2007)

Die Zusammenarbeit mit Sascha Kasper ist, fundiert durch die enorme praktische Erfahrung, die Herr Kasper mitbringt, eine hochprofessionelle, die das gesetzte Vertrauen mehr als nur rechtfertigt. Speziell der richtige Zugang zu manchmal „anspruchsvollen“ Kunden bzw. deren Mitarbeitern machen die gemeinsamen Projekte zur höchst erfolgreichen Projekten.

Christina HutterChristina Hutter

Grafik und Verwaltung, Interpromotion Vertriebs GmbH (2007)

Durch die gute Kooperation mit Herrn Kasper kann ich sagen, dass wir das Projekt Website und Onlineshop zu einem erfolgreiche Abschluss gebracht haben. Aufgrund des positiven Feedbacks unserer Kunden wissen wir, dass die Website die richtige Botschaft übermittelt, der Online Shop seinen Zweck erfüllt und beides gut bei unseren Kunden ankommt. Abschließend möchte ich mich für den reibungslosen und zügigen Ablauf bedanken.

Christian ZaunerChristian Zauner

Geschäftsführer, Synovation (2007)

Ich habe sehr gerne mit Sascha zusammengearbeitet, da seine strukturierte Vorgehensweise uns immer geholfen hat, die Projekte im Griff zu haben. Außerdem konnte ich nach einer relativ kurzen Phase Sascha Aufgaben und Verantwortungen übertragen und war mit seiner Leistung über die fast 10 Jahre der Zusammenarbeit immer zufrieden - wenn nicht sogar begeistert.

Auch seine sozialen und interkulturellen Fähigkeiten konnte er bei unseren Großaufträgen bei einem amerikanischen "Multinational" oft unter Beweis stellen und obwohl er sich nicht als Verkäufer sieht, hatte er auch immer sehr großen Anteil bei unseren Cross- und Upselling Erfolgen.

Jedenfalls ist Sascha jemand, der sich - wenn er sich für ein Thema / ein Projekt / ein Anliegen entschieden hat - dieses mit Disziplin und Enthusiasmus verfolgt und auf ein sehr hohes Level an Wissen und Erfahrung bringt.

Klaus WittigDI Klaus Wittig

Projektleiter, AUVA (2007)

Danke für Ihre gute Arbeit im Rahmen des Projekts. Es war sehr interessant - nicht nur inhaltlich, sondern vor allem auch im Hinblick auf PM und das neue Intranet.

Gerald StockingerMag. Gerald Stockinger

Geschäftsführer, XEN Information Systems (2006)

Während unserer langjährigen Zusammenarbeit habe ich Sascha Kasper in seiner Tätigkeit als Professional Services Manager der XENIS als strukturierten Denker und konsequenten IT-Projektmanager schätzen gelernt, der stets großen Wert auf Wirtschaftlichkeit der Projekte und Orientierung an den Bedürfnissen der Auftraggeber legt. Mit seinem besonderen Fach- und Methodenwissen in den Bereichen Projektmanagement, Service Management sowie Microsoft Collaboration- und Portaltechnologien war er als Team- und Projektleiter treibende Kraft sowohl in vielen Kundenprojekten als auch bei der Entwicklung firmeneigener Softwareprodukte.