Obsidian is great. Plugins are awesome. But … there are more things to make Obsidian even better for you. Here are two of them.

Customize Active Tab

Find your active tab more easily

I found this one on Reddit, posted by user Tanto_Monta. It is a CSS snippet that lets you easily change your active tab’s appearance in terms of

  • background color,
  • outline color,
  • font size.
For this we need a CSS snippet. The video above explains how and where to create it.

You can copy the code from here.

Synchronize hotkeys

The next tip comes from another Reddit user: syzygy—-ygyzys.

The challenge was finding a way to copy people’s hotkey settings from one vault – or device – to another.

To make it work, we need to copy a single file from our main vault directory to the demo vault. The file is called “hotkeys.json”, and you can find it in your vault folder under “.obsidian.”

The step-by-step process is explained and shown in the video, of courses.

Hide specific properties in Reading View

Obsidian properties are great, and many people use them extensively. However, it can happen that a note has a lot of properties, and you might not want to see all of them in the reading view.

Once again, a CSS snippet can help us here. Copy the code from here and follow the instructions in the video to hide any property you want in your reading view, making your note cleaner without losing its metadata.

Edit properties on long notes

Talking about properties: even though I tend to keep my notes short, some of them get lengthy — or at least longer than a page on my screen. I have always been bothered by having to scroll up to the top of the page to edit the note’s properties.

Guess what? I didn’t have to. The video explains why, and how a simple command can solve this “problem”

Bonus for you

I prepared a vault for you to kickstart your Obsidian experience. It includes the items above and many more things.

You can download it for free and save some time or use it for your own experiments without risking damaging your production vault.

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