The Best of Two Worlds


A few months ago I switched from Windows Mobile to Android. And have been unhappy since then. Until yesterday, when it all changed for the better.

My main regret after switching to Android was the loss of the Windows Mobile User Experience. I loved the way I could define and customize my home screen and – more importantly – the Live Tiles showing new and relevant information for each app at a glance without having to open the apps themselves.

Unfortunately Android does not support this natively and using Widgets does not even get near that slick and efficient way of showing information.

Yesterday I came across an app to solve this

Launcher 10 allows you to have the best of two worlds:

A plethora of apps with a strong developer base and a sophisticated User Experience.

While the free version gives you Tiles on your home screen, you need to pay for getting Live Tile notifications. Conveniently, they offer a free 14 days Live Tile trial to let you check, if this suits your needs.

For me it does. And perfectly so. It even goes further than Windows Mobile did by allowing you to define multiple Home screens and also to change the number of columns on the Home screen.

Here is, how mine looks at the moment:

Windows Mobile UX on Android (Galaxy S8)

Overall, if you miss the benefits of Windows Mobile this is the App to get.

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